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Are Quantum Computers Bad at Addition?

Yes, current quantum computers are bad at addition. A 5-bit adder requires several dozen two-qubit gates. Current state of the art two-qubit gate error rates are between 0.1% and 1%. At the time I am ...
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What does Qiskit AerSimulator(memory=True) do?

The parameter memory is used to record and return the measurement outcomes for each shot of the simulation. When you set ...
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Density Matrix for a Quantum Circuit with Clifford Gates and a $T$ Gate in Qiskit

Maybe you can use approximate or Simplified Models Stabilizer Rank Methods: For circuits that predominantly contain Clifford gates and a small number of T gates, you can use techniques based on the ...
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Qiskit: Sum of Kraus operators are not equal to identity matrix

Since OP never disclosed their solution let me shed light on what the mistake here was: the process matrix used as input was a Pauli transfer matrix (i.e. representation matrix in the Pauli basis) but ...
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