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Is there any programming project that implements one quantum error correction code or demonstrates it?

Three-coupler and iswap and walking surface codes Pair-measurement surface code Honeycomb code Bacon-Shor code and Fractal Bacon-Shor code You may also want to look at the example circuits in ...
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Problems trying to plot the classical Fisher information with Pennylane

There seems to be a bug in classical_fisher in combination with np.linalg.norm. I opened an issue here, should be resolved soon (...
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Create qnode with density matrix on pennylane

My previous answer mistakenly read quantum_fisher instead of classical_fisher. It is actually possible to compute the latter ...
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Design a full adder to add two 4-bits integer and measuring on 4 quantum states

If you are aiming to perform arithmetic on a quantum computer, you should take a look at methods that involve the Quantum Fourier Transform: https://arxiv.org/abs/2005.00443
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If Statement OpenQasm 2.0

In the OpenQasm language, the if statement is typically used for conditional quantum operations, not for controlling classical operations like measurements. The if statement in OpenQasm allows you to ...
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