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What problems can quantum computers solve right now which classical computers cannot solve? [duplicate]

I know that an error-corrected quantum computer with unlimited amount of qubits can provide a significant speed up compared to classical computers for specific kind of problems, e.g. searching in an ...
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Is there any general statement about what kinds of problems can be solved more efficiently using a quantum computer?

Is there a general statement about what kinds of problems can be solved more efficiently using quantum computers (quantum gate model only)? Do the problems for which an algorithm is known today have a ...
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How does a quantum computer do basic math at the hardware level?

On reading this Reddit thread I realized that even after a couple months of learning about quantum computing I've absolutely no clue about how a quantum computer actually works. To make the question ...
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Why do optical quantum computers not have to be kept near absolute zero while superconducting quantum computers do?

This is a follow-up question to @heather's answer to the question : Why must quantum computers be kept near absolute zero? What I know: Superconducting quantum computing: It is an implementation of ...
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Are quantum computers just a variant on Analog computers of the 50's & 60's that many have never seen nor used?

In the recent Question "Is Quantum Computing just Pie in the Sky" there are many responses regarding the improvements in quantum capabilities, however all are focussed on the current 'digital' ...
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Why do quantum computers have more qubits than classical computers have bits?

Sorry if this is a dumb question. With conventional processors we increase cores, clock speed and IPC etc. With quantum computers the race seems to be to have the most qubits, seemingly in conflict ...
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What use has quantum computing been?

Most of us on this site believe that quantum computing will work. However, let's play devil's advocate. Imagine that we suddenly hit some fundamental stumbling block that prevented further development ...
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Is Gil Kalai's argument against topological quantum computers sound?

In a lecture, recorded on Youtube, Gil Kalai presents a 'deduction' for why topological quantum computers will not work. The interesting part is that he claims this is a stronger argument than the ...
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Scale for Quantum Computing [closed]

Does something like Mohs' scale exist for quantum computing? (eg. classical = 0, hybrid = 5, pure quantum = 10) Mohs' scale: a scale of hardness used in classifying minerals. It runs from 1 to 10 ...
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Is a 2nd course on Quantum Mechanics helpful for research in Quantum Information/Computing? [closed]

I'm wavering between taking 2nd Quantum Mechanics course and not. I've just completed the 1st course that already covered fundamentals of QC. I intend to take Quantum Information Processing along with ...
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Is quantum computing the most advanced computing technology we will ever have? [closed]

Is there already evidence today (e.g. basic theoretical research or even prototypes) on what the next technolgy will be/could be that is superior to quantum computers? Or have we reached the "...
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Would all quantum computing research be for naught if a powerful enough quantum computer is never built?

Let's say 1000 years from now powerful quantum computers are still a matter of fiction and no useful calculations can be carried out using them. Would this mean that the entire industry of quantum ...
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What are the career prospects after studying Quantum Computing? [closed]

I know that this question may be considered "personal" or "career related", but I'll try to make it as general as possible, to make it useful to other people that may find in the ...
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