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qasm2circ is a package which converts a QASM file into a graphical depiction of the quantum circuit, using standard quantum gate symbols (and other user-defined symbols). This is done using latex (specifically, xypic), to produce high-quality output in epsf, pdf, or png formats.

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Implementing U2-Gates on Cirq

I am interested in using the QASM2Cirq methods to make this gate: u2(0, np.pi, q[0]). How can I build that object using Cirq rather than QASM string value passed onto cirq.
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How to draw a multiple qubit controlled NOT gate using qasm2circ?

In Example 6, the case of multiple qubit controlled custom $U$ gate is covered, but I want to reuse the standard NOT symbol i.e. $\bigoplus$. Say I want to draw this circuit, but with a $\bigoplus$ ...
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How to re-create the following circuit image?

What would be the best way to re-create the following image of the HHL quantum circuit without compromising on image quality (the image is from this review paper)? Using qasm2circ I can create the ...
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