There are many different physical implementations of qubits: NMR, spin qubit, N color center in diamond, superconducting qubit, trapped ions, photonics quantum computing, topological qubit, etc. However, superconducting qubits is currently the most popular approach, adopted by IBM, Google, Rigetti, Intel, etc.

What are the advantages of superconducting qubits over other implementations, such as trapped ions? As far as I know, trapped ions qubits have higher gate fidelity and it doesn't require low temperature. Is scalability the main advantage of superconducting qubits over other implementations?

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By coincidence, this article just came out on Ars Technica which might answer some of your questions. (This is not an endorsement of everything written in that article. But the author basically asked, and researched, the same question that you're asking.)

The TL;DR answer is that superconducting qubits are manufactured and allow for better control over other technologies.


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