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Entanglement and teleportation transmission costs
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I'm unsure of this exact protocol you're referring to, but if you're interested in the "cost" or reliability of teleportation , then I have some information pertaining to the original setup. ...

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How do I compare the secret key rate (kbps) with the secret key rate per channel use?
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Indeed, the PLOB bound is an ultimate upper bound for repeaterless quantum communications, and is thus derived by averaging over $n\rightarrow \infty$ uses of the communications channel - Hence why ...

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Counting channel uses of the lossy bosonic channel or definition of channel uses
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I think your misunderstanding is in the wording of the secret key rate; The PLOB-Bound offers an asymptotic, ultimate-upper bound on the secret key rate per use of a lossy bosonic channel. This bound ...

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