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How is CNOT gate physically implemented in IBM Q?
6 votes

First of all let me welcome you to QCSE! I'm new myself. IBM operates superconducting qubits based on josephson junctions. The basic architecture of the chip can be visualized as a graph with qubits ...

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What does fidelity mean?
Accepted answer
5 votes

It might be worth mentioning the physical motivation for these definitions and the concept of fidelity itself. Unlike the classical computers we all know and love, quantum computers are ...

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Is the intuition of quantum parallelism always correct?
3 votes

So, this isn't a question with a single "correct" physical answer. In general, though I would say that the parallel nature of quantum algorithms is dramatically overplayed, especially in older ...

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How to initialize classical register in Qiskit?
0 votes

You might find this section of the documentation helpful, it goes over initializing and using registers.

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