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Senior Software Engineer transitioning into Software Architect. Expertise in domain-driven design, system design, integrations, and scalable environments. Willing to guide development teams, crafting holistic system blueprints (e.g. by facilitating Event Storming workshops), and bridging technical and business objectives. Always eager to collaborate and turn complex challenges into efficient solutions matching business strategy.


My Gallup's top 5 strengths are:

  • Focus - I focus on maintaining project direction, priorities, and commitment to goals. I correct the team's work if it moves away from the main objective.
  • Learner - I am open-minded and have a natural love of learning and exploring new areas of knowledge. This is valuable in today's working environments that need to adapt nimbly to change, regulations, and new technologies.
  • Analytical - I value logic and empirical evidence, both technical and business metrics. I like to analyze different perspectives, contexts and naturally look for patterns within them. I often ask "why?" when it comes to business strategy.
  • Achiever - I possess a high level of determination, ambition, and tenacity. I am constantly concerned with productivity and efficiency. This makes me a valuable player in projects that enable me to achieve further goals.
  • Responsibility - I have a strong sense of duty, and I value punctuality, reliability, and carefulness. I take responsibility for my (and the team's) mistakes and take adaptive action to improve the situation.

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I will only consider 100% remote offers from outside Poland.

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