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What language is more suitable for quantum machine learning algorithms?
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7 votes

One can recommend PennyLane by Xanadu.AI. You can find complete examples of quantum machine learning algorithms (e.g. Iris Classification), using hybrid quantum-classical computations. Additionally, ...

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If a qubit is in $|1\rangle$ state, is it possible to prove that it is in $|1\rangle$ state?
3 votes

I assume that you mean to say that initially we are not aware of the quantum state of the qubit. The answer to your question is then, No. Say, the qubit was in some state $\alpha |0\rangle + \beta |1\...

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What circuit or operation corresponds to the tensor product?
2 votes

If two qubits are in state $|\psi_1\rangle$ and $|\psi_2\rangle$ then the combined quantum state of the two qubits is already in the state $|\psi_1\rangle \otimes |\psi_2\rangle$, without requiring ...

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If all quantum gates must be unitary, what about measurement?
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Quantum states can change in two ways: 1. quantumly, 2. classically. All the state changes taking place quantumly, are unitary. All the quantum gates, quantum errors, etc., are quantum changes. There ...

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