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Hey, I’m Brian S. Gagne. I have been working in the web industry for over 10 years. I have worked with many types of companies, small to large. Nearly all of my clients had one issue – they do not have time to work on their websites once I built them. I am proud to offer copywriting and content subscriptions for clients. Reasons for getting on the web is generally the same, to share your idea and its mission with others. I provide that missing link in a convenient and surprisingly affordable way. Content subscriptions start at just $49 monthly. Here’s what I do:

  1. PII, MD5, Device, Location, Behavior Marketing Data
  2. Targeted Content Solutions (Article writing, graphics, video etc.)
  3. Web Solutions (websites, blogs, custom projects)

My system is priced appropriately for marketing companies, design agencies, or even freelancers to utilize it for their clients and still be able to remain competitive with a great margin – or if you are a business, congrats – you found a great service at an awesome price. For hobbies, I like to play video games and write music. Feel free to chat with me about music composition, or the latest games – I respond to these in my off hours.

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