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Does IBM have a publicly available tutorial on applied quantum computing and how does one use it? Any Reviews of the Tutorial?
7 votes

You forgot to post the "link" that you mentioned. To answer your question, yes IBM offers some very educational tutorials through their textbook found here. I am new to quantum computing ...

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Is it currently more cost effective/efficient to run a general purpose parallel algorithm on an accelerated quantum simulator or on CPUs?
3 votes

We are not at the point where quantum computers are outperforming classical computers in any practical way so certainly not now. As for the future, there already exist numerous algorithms which have ...

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How to perform a time evolution of a quantum state with Qiskit Aqua?
2 votes

This is a very general question, and I myself am only beginning to learn how to implement Hamiltonian simulations on Qiskit, but here are some resources which may be useful. This Stack Exchange thread ...

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How do I optimize HHL algorithm in Qiskit?
1 votes

I have a partial answer. The create_eigs function uses the Quantum Phase Estimation (QPE) algorithm to estimate the eigenvalues of your matrix. Here is what I can say about the input paramters: ...

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How do I identify a VQE job run in real hardware?
0 votes

It is straightforward to add a name to a job. Here is an example from one of my scripts. Below, "circs" is a group of circuits that I submit simultaneously. Replace "jobname" with ...

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