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Does a Wigner function uniquely determine a quantum state?

For any quantum state, we have a unique density matrix $\rho$. For any $\rho$, we can do the Wigner transformation to get a unique Wigner function $P(x,p)$. For any Wigner function $P(x,p)$, we can ...
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What does negative probability represent?

What is non-classicality? I'm not sure if there's a universally accepted definition, but the way that I'd define it is: if all possible outcomes of experiments on a particular quantum system can be ...
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Properties of frames in quasiprobability representation

The authors are certainly thinking about finite frames. In this case, your statement is correct, since the number of elements in every spanning set is at least the vector space dimension. As glS ...
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Relation between Wigner quasi-probability distribution and statistical second-moment

You mean something like $$W_{G}(\mathbf{r}) =\frac{2^{n}}{\pi^{n} \sqrt{\operatorname{Det} \sigma}} \mathrm{e}^{-(\mathbf{r}-\overline{\mathbf{r}})^{\top} \boldsymbol{\sigma}^{-1}(\mathbf{r}-\overline{...
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Invert colors in qutip plot_wigner function

Adapted from this answer : ...
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