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Number of logical cycles to implement $R_Z(\theta)$ gates in lattice surgery: why isn't it the number of layers $\times$ the $T$-count in $R_Z$?

I think this number corresponds to the sentence "...the number of logical time steps required is simply the number of measurements needed to entangle the algorithm and synthesis ancillas." - ...
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Litinsky's fast block scheme: should the tile count also include the number of **purified** magic-states

There isn't a hard yes or no answer to this question. You have to count the hardware time consumed by the output state somewhere, but there's nothing that intrinsically requires you to consider it ...
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What are the logical 0 & 1 states for the 17 qubit (9 data qubit) surface code?

The logical $|0\rangle_L$-state is created by initialising all data qubits in the $|0\rangle$-state, running all stabiliser circuits, and measuring all 8 stabilisers. You will end up in a random state,...
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