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Implementing a simple 3 mode gate using Strawberry Fields

Let the 3-mode operator be $\mathcal{O}_{123}(s)$. Dropping the tensor products and hat symbols here for convenience, one can apply the Fourier gate on the $2^{nd}$ and $3^{rd}$ mode, which I denote ...
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I was solving matrix of beam splitter in python but got stuck in understanding the library

A beamsplitter gates takes two parameters, and acts on two modes. The matrix that represents the gate is a 2x2 unitary. In this line you're calculating the unitary for the second 'column' in the ...
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Design NISQ Circuit with StrawberryFields

Ok It is done and it is correct. I just forgat to give an initial state to the program like Ket(initial_state) | q And after that I also added a BSGate for 1 and ...
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