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Additive Codes: What are they? And how are they related to stabilizer codes?

Let me offer a brief answer for now as I don't have much time today. Much of this material is from a friend's lecture notes. Feel free to ask more questions if you need further clarification. I'll ...
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What are nontrivial examples of stabilizer codes whose codewords have some $\pm i$ coefficients?

In this paper (Theorem 5) the author shows that "any additive code is equivalent to a real additive code". So you can always find an equivalent code ...
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Stabilizer codes and 1,-1 coefficients

Yes, any stabilizer codespace is a linear span of stabilizer states. Any stabilizer state has a power of 2 non-zero amplitudes, which are $\pm 1, \pm i$ up to a common factor. See Eq. (2) in https://...
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