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When I run your code on the most recent version of qiskit I get the expected results {'11': 55, '00': 45}. It could be the case therefore that you are running an older version of qiskit and this has been fixed recently. I would suggest updating your version using pip install --upgrade qiskit


Yes you can: When you build a noise model the noise is defined with respect to the name or label of gate objects, so you can use the labelto create multiple versions of a single gate but reference different errors in a noise model (NB: the transpiler strips away label information when it unrolls a gate not in the basis gates set). Selective noise on ...


After using the simulator, I am very impressed! From what I can tell, it has everything necessary to be universal. I will likely be using this quite a bit. To test drive it, I implemented a simple 3-qubit Fourier transform and applied it to a set of random initial states, then compared the result to the well known 3-qubit unitary DFT (dft) applied to the ...

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