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Semi-definite program for smooth min-entropy

You do not need a double objective function to solve this. Given $\rho_{AB}$ let $\rho_{ABC}$ be any purification of $\rho_{AB}$. Then we can write the smooth min-entropy as the following SDP \begin{...
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Semi-definite program for conditional smooth max-entropy

Yes, you can formulate the smooth max-entropy as an SDP. The author of the book you linked notes this when they explain how to derive the SDP for the smooth min-entropy that you reference on page 91. ...
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How to calculate the conditional min-entropy via a semidefinite program?

I think I have an answer. The following should be the CVX code for one of the formulations found in this link. ...
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$3 \rightarrow 1$ QRAC encoding for XOR functions

I found a way to do it for the $2\to1$ QRAC. I simply guessed that we could leave the measurement bases as they are, $Z$ for the first bit, and $X$ for the second bit, and added $Y$ as the basis with ...
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