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What are physically allowed CNOTs for Rigetti's 19 qubit chip and Google's 72 qubit BristleCone chip?

Bristlecone's native operation is the CZ, not CNOTs. However, you can transform between the two with Hadamard gates so this is sort of a trivial difference. Bristlecone can perform a CZ between any ...
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What are physically allowed CNOTs for Rigetti's 19 qubit chip and Google's 72 qubit BristleCone chip?

From the original blog post presenting the Bristlecone quantum chip, here is the connectivity map of the chip: Each cross represent a qubit, with nearest-neighbour connectivity. If you number the ...
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Status of software packages for quantum compiling

For Qiskit, there are two tools you can check out. The two qubit kak tool does exactly what you want for 2 qubits. If you give it a two qubit unitary, it gives you a list of gates to realize this, ...
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How are Rigetti and IBM QX device parameters related to Kraus operators?

For amplitude damping, $\gamma$ is something like $e^{-\Delta t/T_1}$ where $\Delta t$ is how long the Kraus operator is supposed to act. But be very careful, Kraus evolution assumes your system has ...
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Newbie Project: Calculate a Mersenne Prime with Quantum Computing

It's likely that this algorithm hasn't yet been implemented in QISKit / Q# / pyquil etc. It's also important to note that you would not be discovering new Mersenne primes with a quantum computer - the ...
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What are physically allowed CNOTs for Rigetti's 19 qubit chip and Google's 72 qubit BristleCone chip?

The current version of PyQuil provides an "ISA" object that houses the information that you want about Rigetti's quantun processors, but it isn't formatted as you request. I'm a poor Python ...
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2 votes

Not able to run on Riggeti from Azure

This issue is likely because you have a pre-release versions of qiskit-qir and pyqir installed in your environment. These pre-release versions produce QIR that is not recognized by the Azure Quantum ...
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Rigetti "Timeout on client tcp://, method name quil_to_native_quil" error

It seems indeed related with the size of circuit. If I interpret qiskit_rigetti.RigettiQCSProvider documentation correctly, you should be able to extend the timeout ...
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Underlying Hamiltonians and pulse level controls of different commercially available quantum computers

This hamiltonian is a very basic approximation of the underlying device and in general does not accurately reflect the complexity of the device. It is up to each provider to decide whether to return ...
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retrieve gate errors from rigetti devices via braket

You cannot access historic calibration data, including gate fidelities and T1 and T2 times, via Amazon Braket today. If you send an email to [email protected] with your use case, including ...
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How to create a qubit in an arbitrary state in PyQuil

As far as I know, you can only do this with the ReferenceDensitySimulator, which contains a set_initial_state method. This is unfortunate because density matrix ...
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