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Generalizing error propagation formula to multi-parameters

I think for the purposes of generalizing the error-propagation formula for multi-parameter phase estimation, say two phases $\theta_1$ and $\theta_2$, it might make more sense to consider a direct ...
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Estimator sample variance converging to Cramer-Rao bound

The answer is the same as for the other question of yours: no, the efficiency is asymptotic in $\nu$ not in $\mu$. The MLE is not efficient (in general) for any finite finite number of observations. ...
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Requirement of vector 'b' in the definition of Phase Estimation Sampling (PES)

The discussion in question appears to be discussing usage of the Quantum Phase Estimation algorithm when we do not have access to an eigenstate $|\eta_j \rangle$ of the unitary matrix $U$ in question. ...
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