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What is the state of the art quantum state preparation algorithm?

While the term "best" or "state of the art" can be subjective and often evolves (especially in the field of quantum machine learning), a recent protocol that offers an approach to (...
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Does the D-Wave hardware show any advantage for academic use-cases, for example in condensed matter physics?

Interest in academia In the past, only a small number of academic institutions, with a small number of professors, existed. Now there's about 30,000 universities and who knows how many colleges, ...
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Did D-Wave show quantum advantage in 2023?

The answer that @user1271772 gave is quite comprehensive - however I think that there are at least a few additional important papers which give arguments on the topic of the current capabilities of D-...
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Did D-Wave show quantum advantage in 2023?

A clear case of quantum advantage Google's quantum group demonstrated quantum advantage with a much earlier version of D-Wave hardware in the following figure from a 2016 paper, in which the D-Wave ...
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