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Why are only projective measurements considered in nonlocal games to get optimal strategy?

As you correctly state, POVMs can be dilated into a projective measurement on a larger Hilbert space. Because we do not restrict the possible dimension of the Hilbert spaces in the game, we can ...
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Deriving the number operator in a Cooper Pair Box (CPB)

The cooper pair number basis is identified with the $Z$ basis in the subspace of the two-level system $\{|n = 0\rangle, | n = 1 \rangle\}$. Measuring in the number basis is equivalent to a $Z$ basis ...
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relationship between helstrom operators acting on different pairs of quantum states

tl;dr: In the single-qubit case the explicit formula $$P(|0\rangle\langle0|-\rho)=\begin{cases} 0&\rho=|0\rangle\langle 0|\\ \frac{|0\rangle\langle0|-\rho}{\sqrt{|\langle 0|\rho|1\rangle|^2+(\...
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