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How to get partial probability from measurements in qiskit?

You can use the marginal_counts() function from qiskit.result to get the marginalized counts for the bits that you want (...
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40th Question IBM Sample test

Qubits are initially in the ∣0⟩ state. The Rz gate, which is a rotation around the z-axis, only changes the phase of the qubit states and not the probabilities of measuring 0 or 1 in the computational ...
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Matrix representation of the symmetric subspace for two copies

TL;DR: No. As pointed out by @Tristan Nemoz in the comments, $p_x=\frac{1}{2^{n-1}(2^n+1)}$ independently of $x$, so for $n\geqslant 2$ the conjectured inequality fails. The output probabilities $p$ ...
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