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The source of noise in your system, and how to reduce it, is really dependent on the quantum computing architecture you're pursuing. As stated above the most successful quantum computers at the moment are of the superconducting qubit flavor. And as the articles suggest, the way to reduce noise is low temperature and low vibrations, and perhaps chip design(...


I read the article and it seems too rudimentary to provide a manual how to build a quantum computer home. It also contain some "half-truth" about quantum computers, e.g.: Quantum computers take advantage of strange properties from quantum mechanics to filter through possible solutions much more quickly than conventional computers. When someone asks about ...


According to comment provided by user gIS, there was no progress in implementing qRAM as proposed in the paper. However, some additional information on qRAM physical implementation can be found on this forum here.


It depends on technology used for a qubit implementation. For example, here is an explanation provided by IBM Q team: We must perform the qubit measurements in a way that does not destroy the qubit quantum state. One method is to weakly couple each qubit to a microwave resonator whose resonance characteristics depend on the state of the qubit. Once the ...

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