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Complexity of Variational Quantum Eigensolvers

The decomposition of a Hamiltonian into Pauli strings is not always efficient. The general problem of decomposing a Hamiltonian expressed in an arbitrary basis into Pauli operators can be ...
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D-Wave hybrid solver

As the name suggests, D-Wave's hybrid solvers combine classical solvers with quantum annealers. Generally, a hybrid solver starts by decomposing an optimization problem into smaller pieces, which then ...
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Minimizing $1 - \text{Tr}(\Phi(\rho,U)^2)$

In your setup, the choice $U={\bf 1}$ of course suffices to minimize your function $$1 - \text{Tr}(\Phi(\rho, U)^2), \tag{1}$$ because we then have $\Phi(\rho, U) = {\rm Tr}_2(\rho) = \overline{\rho}...
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How can I Combine Qiskit's VQE Tutorial and TSP Simulator to solve the TSP on a real backend efficiently?

If your main task is to run the TSP problem on a real hardware, then you don't have to change much in the original code, but keep in mind that in TSP number of variables increase by the square of ...
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