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Why are only projective measurements considered in nonlocal games to get optimal strategy?

As you correctly state, POVMs can be dilated into a projective measurement on a larger Hilbert space. Because we do not restrict the possible dimension of the Hilbert spaces in the game, we can ...
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CHSH game sharing more general states

For a general two-qubit state, including mixed ones, the maximal violation was found by the Horodeccy in 1995. If you write the state in the Block decomposition as $$\rho = \frac{1}{4} \sum_{i,j = 0}^{...
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For CHSH game, why does the mathematica program gives 75% as the best winning rate when sharing 2 EPR pairs?

I think the problem you're having is with your tensor product structure. If you label the qubits 1 to 4, then your A measurements are on qubits 1 and 2, while your B measurements are on qubits 3 and 4....
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