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Since quantum machine learning with NISQ hardware is such a relatively new field, it is still very highly research driven, and a lot of the potential is still being determined. To make these new research implementations more accessible, we've begun building implementations over at Interesting ones include: Quantum Generative ...


Have a look at these for quantum machine learning: Supervised learning with quantum computers by Schuld and Petruccione (2018) An introduction to quantum machine learning by the same authors of the textbook above Quantum machine learning published in Nature 2017 by some experts in the field: Wittek, Rebentrost, Lloyd, et al Video presentations by Dr. Schuld ...


The most recent quantum machine learning textbook is Schuld and Petruccione (2018). Supervised Learning with Quantum Computers while a nice companion to Nielsen and Chuang for introductory quantum maths is Marinescu and Marinescu (2011). Classical and Quantum Information, Chapter 1: Preliminaries


The Context The algorithm Ewin Tang originally examined and dequantized was the quantum recommendation system algorithm by Kerenidis & Prakash. Many QML algorithms, including the quantum recommendation system algorithm, exploit the quantum linear systems algorithm (QLSA), which was posted on arXiv in 2008 by Harrow, Hassidim, and Lloyd (that's why it'...

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