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How are two photons entangled in the Xanadu computer?

QML researcher at Xanadu here. Our X-series chip produce entangled states by squeezing light and then combining it at beam splitters: those 'cables' are waveguides in a chip, which when they are close ...
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How to translate between continuous variable model and discrete model?

Here is a partial answer. In general, the connection between continuous and discrete variables gets pretty complicated... However, if you restrict yourself to Gaussian unitaries on the CV side, and ...
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How to entangle 2 qubits using a polarizing beam splitter?

You get entanglement if you use single photons (or other types of nonclassical light) instead of coherent light. Linear optical operations on coherent states never result in entanglement. Roughly ...
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Combining photons at a beam splitter and states tensorization

Finally, I am able to answer my own question. From the (fantastic) video-lecture by Lakshmi Bala, the beam-splitter operator is like this Also, I have come to adapt the result to my own calculations ...
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