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Is there a classical limit to quantum computing?

In simpler terms your question is: if noise/decoherence keeps entering the computation, how can a big computation possibly survive? The key concept you're missing is quantum error correction, which ...
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Scalability of ion trap quantum computers

You may want to check out this Schaetz et al, Reports on Progress in Physics of 2012 "Experimental quantum simulations of many-body physics with trapped ions" (alternate link in semanticscholar). In ...
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Scalability of ion trap quantum computers

While I’m not an experimentalist, and have not studied these systems in any great depth, my (crude) understanding is the following: In ion traps you (more or less) have to trap the ions in lines. ...
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Comparing technical limitations of major quantum computing approaches

For a general overview about hardware and the difficulties they present, I recommend section three of Quantum Computing: An Overview Across the System Stack. Another good introduction would be Quantum ...
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Is there any company trying out ion trap qubits?

IonQ, Honeywell, and Infineon Technologies (list here). From my understanding, IonQ and Honeywell seem to be leading in the trapped ion space
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How can one trapped ion physically represent quantum states?

The ion states are the different energy states of the ion. These different energy states can be denoted with the total spin of the ion and the phonon levels of the ion. If we look at a Helium atom ...
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High-weight errors from ion trap crosstalk

Before going further, I think it is worth pointing out that trapped ions have any-to-any rather than all-to-all coupling. With maybe a few exceptions, no one is doing anything more than two qubit ...
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Modular exponentiation quantum circuit design for Shor's algorithm

There are many quantum implementations of modular exponentiation to choose from depending on whether you want to optimize qubit count vs time and other similar tradeoffs. However, for the method ...
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Simultaneous computational basis measurement

Before we explain how ion traps and superconducting qubits are measured, let's clarify what's meant by a basis, as that might reduce some confusion about simultaneous measurements. Following up on the ...
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What is the elementary gate set for ion-trap quantum computers?

In terms of single qubit gates, ion traps rather easily can do any arbitrary rotation on the Bloch sphere - those are all straightforward to do. For two qubit gates, most trapped ion systems use a ...

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