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What is the difference between classical-quantum and completely classical states?

Your expressions give a pretty clear distinction: in the classical-quantum state, the eigenbases $\left|y_x\right>$ can be different for different states $x$ of the classical register $A$, and in ...
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What role does Landauer's principle play in quantum reversibility?

Actually, classical physics is also reversible, whether you're considering classical dynamics or considering it as the limit of quantum physics (which is reversible). The means for neither classical ...
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Classical capacity of quantum channel - Holevo quantity vs accessible information of a channel

No they are not the same. Given some quantum channel $\mathcal{N}$ we can consider an encoding map $\mathcal{E}$ and a decoding map $\mathcal{D}$ such that $\mathcal{C}_1= \mathcal{D}\circ \mathcal{N} ...
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quantum generalisation of random variables

If I understand your question, the way a classical random variable $X$ with support $\left[2^n\right]=\left\{0,\cdots,2^n-1\right\}$ is represented in quantum information is via a diagonal density ...
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