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I asked on the Qiskit Slack and got this answer (translated from Spanish): Runtime has no official release date for regular users. Right now, only certain IBM partners have access to help with debugging. So, it seems they haven’t defined a yet for public release yet.


A possible way to make sure you are installing your packages in the environment where you are running is installing them from the Jupyter notebook. You can do that with !pip command in one of the cells: !pip install pylatexenc


The only API documentation available is the one you linked to. Its documentation page describes the steps needed to submit a job (although not in great details). However, you'll first need to convert your QASM string to a qObject, which is the format the API accepts. Assuming Qiskit is allowed for this part, you can first use QuantumCircuit.from_qasm_str() ...


For your first question, Where is the API token for developers? The API token can be copied from your account details page: For the second question, Example of using the API in Java. IBM Quantum API is a RESTful API. It can be consumed the same way as any RESTful API using a REST client. And when it comes to Java, there are many options to choose from ...


This is a late answer. But while going through some old questions, I found this and thought I should add an answer here in case someone run into this issue in the future. To calculate the estimated run time on your circuit, you can do this as follow: Transpile your circuit into the basis gate set $U3$ and $CX$. The reason for this is because all single qubit ...

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