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How to add Source and sink qubit in dag Circuit

Having a source and sink node like that does not fit into the data model of a DAGCircuit object. In a DAGCircuit the first layer ...
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IBM Q: How to change my results from hexadecimal to computation basis in 1s and 0s?

Usually, when you run an experiment on IBM quantum backend, both job.result().get_counts() and job.result().get_memory() return ...
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Is there a tutorial for error mitigation in qiskit that does not use the deprecated ignis?

Here is an up-to-date tutorial on measurement error mitigation using Qiskit experiments module which (partly) replaces Qiskit Ignis. Furthermore, if you are using Qiskit Runtime primitives, you have ...
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Why does Grover's algorithm behaves so different for different solution addresses?

There is a missing CNOT gate from your oracle. It should be: And the whole circuit should be: This is because you want to add a phase when the state is $|101\rangle$. The first CNOT will change this ...

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