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Calculating number of CNOT gates in Pauli evolution gate

First of all, when you say inbuilt, inbuilt to what? I assume you are talking about a particular compiler, like cirq or qiskit's (maybe you meant to ask this on Qiskit.SE?) The number of ...
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Qiskit: Evolve TrotterQRTE from Operator

You can use SparsePauliOp.from_operator() method to construct a SparsePauliOp from an ...
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Are commuting unitary operators related to commuting Hamiltonians?

Set $H_a = \sum_j H_{aj}$ and $H_b = \sum_j H_{bj}$. Then, $U_a = e^{-iH_a t}$ and $U_b = e^{-iH_bt}$. Then, $[H_a, H_b] = 0 \implies [U_a, U_b] = 0$, which can be proved by the following Taylor ...
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