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Where to find the Grover's algorithm for Qiskit 1.0.2?

Grover's algorithm is now part of a separate package qiskit-algorithms that must be installed separately. The documentation for the latest version is here, and here are some examples.
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How to Properly Run a Circuit with Qiskit on AWS Braket, AttributeError: 'AwsDevice' object has no attribute 'configuration' by Current Implementation

AWSBraketProvider is deprecated, and should be replaced by BraketProvider. After following fagd's answer and using BraketProvider, I am able to submit my jobs.
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Understanding the diffusion operator in Grover's algorithm

In Grover's algorithm, and in general in amplitude amplification, diffusion is a reflection about the initial state $|\psi_0\rangle$. Which means that we can write the diffusion operator as $$D=2| \...
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How to actually solve for the eigenstates in the adiabatic version of Grover's algorithm

Using the same notation as in the paper, we have $H_0=I-|\psi_0\rangle\langle\psi_0|$ and $H_m=I-|m\rangle\langle m|$, such that $\tilde H(s)=(1-s) H_0 + s H_m$ is the adiabatic Hamiltonian. In order ...
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What is wrong with my quantum grover's algorithm?

There are several mistakes in your code: You incorrectly assume that[0, 1, 2], 3) is an $X$ gate on the fourth qubit controlled off the first three ones, ...
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Grover search - data representation

Very nice question and definitely not so obvious (and also important when thinking of Grover's algorithm in practice!) What is typically assumed in these types of demonstrations, is that you have An ...
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