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Transversal Hadamard gates and multiple logical qubits

The definition of transversality is as follows: Given an $[n,k,d]$ code, with physical qubits labelled $0,\dots,n-1$, a transversal operator is of the form $U_0\otimes \cdots \otimes U_{n-1}$, where $\...
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Fault tolerance of MBQC

In "Fault-tolerant quantum computation with cluster states"[1], Nielsen and Dawson (2005) studied fault-tolerance in MBQC with cluster states. They proved threshold theorems similar to the ...
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Logical error rate for QECC using qiskit

But for Qiskit this cannot be done ... what I'm getting is a statevector instead of specific error operator. How do I obtain logical error rate in this case? When you measure the qubits, your state ...
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Estimate of threshold values for 7-qubit Steane code with qiskit (or stim)

I think the issue you are running into is that the construction used in that paper, which they say comes from this other paper, is not just a [[7,1,3]] code. It's a [[7,1,3]] code concatenated some ...
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