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Example of two-level systems which has very long lifetime "in nature" but as soon as we manipulate them their lifetime is very small

A notable counter example to this idea is dynamical decoupling / spin echo. Qubits often have longer lifetimes when you're constantly flipping them, instead of letting them sit still, because the ...
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How many physical qubits are needed to encode a logical qubit on ion trap, superconducting, neutral atom, photonic QC?

The answer depends on several factors: The desired error rate of the logical qubit. The physical qubit fidelities in the given platform (e.g. two-qubit gate fidelity, idling errors, measurement ...
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What design considerations set the frequency bounds for superconducting qubits?

Consider the first two levels of a superconducting qubits, the energy distance between them is proportional to the angular frequency. To avoid an unwanted transition due to thermal noise, you need ...
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