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Maximum entanglement entropy of a random circuit

This looks like a homework question, so I give hints in the form of useful facts. The entanglement between the partition of the first three qubits and the last three qubits only occurs due to the ...
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Does measurement in different bases allow for FTL communication?

If Alice measures in the $|+ \rangle$, $| - \rangle$ basis, then Bob's qubit will indeed be in either the $|+\rangle$ or $|-\rangle$ state depending on the result of Alice's measurement. But your ...
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Minimizing $1 - \text{Tr}(\Phi(\rho,U)^2)$

In your setup, the choice $U={\bf 1}$ of course suffices to minimize your function $$1 - \text{Tr}(\Phi(\rho, U)^2), \tag{1}$$ because we then have $\Phi(\rho, U) = {\rm Tr}_2(\rho) = \overline{\rho}...
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Special entangled tripartite state

Yeah, here's a simple example. Suppose $A$ is a $d$ dimensional system with $d \geq 4$ and $d$ not prime. Then I can find a bipartition of $A$ into two subpaces $A_1, A_2$ of dimension at least $2$ ...
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