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How is this step performed in Deutsch's algorithm?

Your misunderstanding is that $|x\rangle$ is only meant to denote either $|0\rangle$ or $|1\rangle$ -- not the superposition $H|0\rangle$. So $f(x)$ respectively denotes either $f(0)$ or $f(1)$, ...
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Time Complexity of Deustch Algorithm

I'll post my answer to this question to help other beginners. @John Watrous 's answer is instructive and after some self-study, I'v found the answer to this question. Firstly, The Oracle $U_f$ can be ...
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How is the oracle actually implemented for Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm?

In the Deutsch-Jozsa scheme, you want to determine if your function is balance or constant. You do not have any information on the intern functioning of the function but you can access it as a black ...
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Time Complexity of Deustch Algorithm

These are natural questions that I address at some length in a lesson on Quantum query algorithms that's part of a short course on quantum algorithms. (See also the video for the lesson on YouTube.) ...
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