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Lets start with measuring circuits. With link to user245427 answer, you should construct following circuits in composer followingly: T1 (relaxation time) T1 is constant connected with spontaneous relaxation from state $|1\rangle$ to state $|0\rangle$. So firstly apply $X$ gate on a qubit to change its state from $|0\rangle$ to $|1\rangle$, then apply a few ...


In addition to described above, you can go to, click a machine, then click "Download Calibrations".


The length of all backend basis gates is available from For example properties = id_gate_length_qo = properties.gate_length('id', 0)


I cannot give you a complete answer(I am not too familiar with the IBM quantum tools) however I might be able to give you a few hints from a NMR/EPR perspective. In magnetic resonance T2 is commonly measured by generating a spin coherence, and refocusing at progressively longer times then measuring a spin echo. In quantum gate language that would be: ...


You will need to know how long it takes for each gate of the circuit to be performed. Then the decoherence error rate is simply $$e^{t_{gate}/t_{decoherence}}$$

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