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Do quantum loops exist?

It depends what you mean by "loop". Nielsen and Chuang are referring to loops like the ones that appear in an SR latch. Wires literally running backwards to earlier in the circuit, creating ...
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Correspondence between the Topological model and Quantum Circuit model

This is one of the more subtle points of topological quantum computing (TQC). TQC is a general idea: make a quantum computer using anyons/topologically ordered systems. There is no a-priori ...
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What are the models of quantum computation?

Topological quantum computation Topological quantum computation is a model of quantum computation where information is stored and manipulated in topological invariants of two dimensional materials. ...
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Quantum circuits, quantum Turing machine and universal quantum computer-comparing different models of quantum computations

A quantum computer (or quantum Turing machine or quantum circuit) cannot solve any problem that a classical computer could not, because one can simulate the other Initially in a comment I had ...
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Minimum number of 2-qubit gates required to implement a Toffoli gate

There are some techniques to decompose Toffoli gate. Here I mention two useful techniques. Toffoli gate can be decomposed into six CNOTs (two qubit gate) gates with transpile technique of Qiskit and ...
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