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Is Quantum Biocomputing ahead of us?

"Is Quantum Biocomputing ahead of us?" There has been some work done on biocomputing, quantum computing, spin chemistry, and magnetochemical reactions. Correlated radical pairs — pairs of ...
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Does the quantum coherence in the FMO complex have any significance to quantum computing (on a biological substrate)?

I agree with most of what you've written in the first paragraph, though I would say that at roughly the same time (only 1 month apart!) as the Rebentrost et al. paper you mentioned, a very similar ...
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Can biological quantum processes be used to guide optimized quantum algorithms?

To answer your question, if there is an actual field of research, Quantum Information Biology (QIB) seems to fit what you are looking for. Once a textbook has been written on a subject I think it is ...
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Is Quantum Biocomputing ahead of us?

There has been a great deal of scientific debate over evidence of quantum effects in biology due to the difficulties of reproducing scientific evidence. Some have found evidence of quantum coherence ...
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Is Quantum Biocomputing ahead of us?

Much has been written about Quantum Biology. A somewhat old -and yet, solid- take is that of Phillip Ball, The dawn of Quantum Biology (Nature 2011, 474, 271-274). For now, let's not review that and ...
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Quantum and DNA computing

The NMR quantum computing implementation you mentioned used cytosine as a 2-qubit platform because cytosine has two adjacent, carbon-bound hydrogen atoms with slightly different hyperfine couplings ...
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Do biological brains compute using quantum mechanics?

There is evidence that quantum coherence and it's role in chemical reactivity is responsible for the magnetic field sensing in migratory birds, the so called avian compass, https://arxiv.org/abs/1206....
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Do biological brains compute using quantum mechanics?

As far as we know - and I know, so correct me anyone if there's research to the contrary - the neuron interactions in the brain are well within the classical regime. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/...
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