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We can physically realise Quantum Randomness using Quantum Random Number Generators which harness quantum randomness through various processes such as boson sampling. When you look at a physical implementation of Quantum Randomness from Quantum Circuits, Hadamard transforms on Qubits would be an interesting approach. In addition, we can try techniques such ...


Quantum computers are susceptible to these errors/noise because of physical disturbances. An example of this is if some molecule in the surrounding air were to bump or approach the qubit it would transfer some kinetic energy and maybe affect the state. Another example is if a qubit interferes with any adjacent qubit, if they "bump" into one another their ...


Although it doesn't explicitly say it in the paper from Google, the diagrams in the paper are missing a qubit along the top edge. Most likely this is the "bad" qubit that wasn't used.

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