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Why is it so important to have uniform chain lengths in a minor embedding?

It could be related to chain strengths. For longer chains, you might need to set a higher chain strength, than for shorter. If you have chains of different sizes, then chain strengths will differ. ...
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Convert Hamiltonian to Ising Formulation or QUBO

Given that you decompose your matrix into a sum of Pauli operators such that there are no instances of $X$ and $Y$ (so basically a Pauli sum of $Z$, $I$ and any tensor product of these two), you can ...
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Quantum Annealing vs Quantum Monte Carlo: can QMC do all that QA can?

First of all, quantum annealing is an concept of quantum computing which allows to solve only binary optimization problems, while quantum Monte Carlo is an algorithm which is run on gate-based ...
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