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The ZX-calculus is a high-level and intuitive graphical language for pure qubit quantum mechanics (QM), based on category theory. (arXiv: 1602.04744)

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Does the ZX calculus allow for Y-axis rotations?

I'm trying to understand how Y-axis rotations are represented in ZX Calculus. In the paper, wikipedia, everywhere I look, it's as if there is no such thing as Y-axis rotations, only X and Z. I ...
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ZX-calculus: meaning of no horizontal edge

Consider the following ZX-diagram: As you can notice, there are some nodes, belonging the same qubit, which are not connected by any edge (neither blue or black). What is the meaning of that (during ...
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PyZX optimisation steps for Clifford circuits

Given the following ZX-diagram It should represent some random Clifford circuit (LC means Local Clifford). As far as I got, any Clifford circuit can be transformed into a ZX-diagram like the above, i....
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Can H-boxes have a copy-like rule in the ZH-calculus with respect to $\pi$ gates?

In the ZX-calculus we have the following rule, which I think it is known as the copy-rule (grey/white colours may be interchanged; with respect to the usual red/green notation the translation is white ...
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Is it possible to implement the ZX-calculus bialgebra rule without adaptivity or post-selection?

In the ZX-calculus, one of the fundamental rules of the diagrammatic reasoning is known as the bialgebra rule and it is described by the given diagrammatic equation: Question: Can we implement this ...
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ZX Calculus -- proving the most basic of identities

I'm trying to show the following equivalence in the ZX calculus: This is equivalent to showing that $$|0\rangle - i|1\rangle = |+\rangle + i|-\rangle.$$ I want to do this using the rules listed on ...
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ZX-calculus: pi-copy rule not required for completeness?

In ZX-calculus, the $\pi$-copy rule is quite famous, and is used for instance here: However, this paper never introduces this rule, and says that this set is enough to prove the Clifford completeness ...
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ZX-Calculus: understand clifford+T/general ZX rules

This paper that proves the completeness of the ZX-Calculus introduces different gates: and However, they seem very cryptic to me (except maybe the rule E). What is the intuition (what they mean, and ...
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Explain the representation of the CNOT gate in ZX-calculus

In ZX-calculus, the CNOT gate is represented by this: Can someone show me why this is true, using just the basic rewriting rules? All books/papers I have seen simply take it without proof, but I can'...
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ZX calculus: What do diamond and loop mean?

Recently, I started to study practical application of ZX calculus but I am confused by meaning of "diamond" and "loop". Issue no. 1: There are these rules: B-rule and D-rule But this example seems ...
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What are some applications of the ZX calculus?

Recently, I came across ZX calculus. It is an interesting method to describe quantum circuits. However, it seems to me, too complicated for day-to-day use in circuit design (something like to program ...
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ZX-Calculus: how to prove this simple equation between two very small circuits

Short version: How could I prove in ZX-calculus that these two diagrams are equal (up to a global phase), using axioms from this paper (Fig. 1) for example? Any intuition is welcome! Long version:...
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2 answers

ZX-calculus : measurement and output probabilities

I'm discovering ZX-Calculus, and it seems to be much easier to do computations on circuit that would take much more time with the usual formalism. However, I can't find a nice way to represent ...
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Diagrammatic Quantum Reasoning: Proving the loop equation using yanking equations

I'm trying to study the book: Picturing Quantum Processes: A First Course in Quantum Theory and Diagrammatic Reasoning, and would like some help with Exercise 4.12: The relevant equations are as ...
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Controlled Hadamard gate in ZX-calculus

What is the representation of the CH gate in ZX-calculus? Is there a general recipe for going from a ZX-calculus representation of a gate to the representation of the controlled version?
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Graphical Calculus for Quantum Circuits

So far I have read a little bit about zx-calculus & y-calculus. From Reversible Computation: The zx-calculus is a graphical language for describing quantum systems. The zx-calculus is an ...
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