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Questions tagged [zh-calculus]

For questions regarding the ZH-calculus which is an extension of the ZX-calculus for using H-boxes. On topic questions regard usage of H-boxes, specific connections between this extension and ZX-calculus, completeness, diagrammatic rules, formulas and equations, conceptual understanding, representation of usual circuit gates, in particular controlled gates, computational complexity, algorithms, numerical experiments and others.

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Which phase gates can be catalyzed by Clifford+Toffoli circuits with post-selection?

$\newcommand{\ket}[1]{|#1\rangle}$Let us call some state $k$-qubit state $\ket{S}$ catalyzable by some other state $\ket{S'}$ if there is a Clifford+Toffoli circuit (possibly with ancilla and/or post-...
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Can H-boxes have a copy-like rule in the ZH-calculus with respect to $\pi$ gates?

In the ZX-calculus we have the following rule, which I think it is known as the copy-rule (grey/white colours may be interchanged; with respect to the usual red/green notation the translation is white ...
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