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How to prove the "damage lemma" for gentle measurements?

Let $\rho$ be a mixed state. For all $i \in [m]$, let $S_i$ be quantum operation, which is a two-outcome POVM measurement, and "accept" a state $\sigma$ with probability $tr(S_i(\sigma))$ ...
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An improved search algorithm based on weak value amplification?

I am having difficulties understanding this paper (arXiv:1910.12390), so asking this question. As far as what I see from mathematics of this paper, all improvements over Grover's search disappear when ...
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Kraus Operators for Weak Measurments

I have system which has states two spin states and an optically excited states. Everytime optically excited states relaxes, a photon is emitted, which I can detect a fraction of. If I simulatenously ...
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