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Questions tagged [w-state]

For questions regarding the W state, which is a quantum state generally defined as a superposition of three qubits. The W state can be thought of as a uniform superposition of the three qubits wherein precisely one of the qubits is in one state (say "up"), while the other two are in the other state (say "down").

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What is the stabilizer rank of the W state?

The $ n $ qubit $ W $ state is defined here The stabilizer rank of a quantum state $|\psi\rangle$ is the minimal $r$ such that \begin{equation} |{\psi}\rangle = \...
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What is the general form for GHZ and W class states?

I am reading the following paper on mixed three-qubit states. It states that any three–qubit pure state can be written as (equation 1 of the paper) $|\psi_{GHZ}\rangle=\lambda_0 |000\rangle+\lambda_1 ...
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W state Entanglement Breaks During $X$-Basis Measurement

I'm encountering a problem in my Qiskit simulation involving W-state entanglement. The issue arises when attempting to measure all three qubits in the $X$ measurement basis. Surprisingly, the ...
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How to find density matrix of 3 qubit W state?

Given a state in bra-ket notation as $|\psi\rangle=\frac{1}{\sqrt{3}}(|001\rangle+|010\rangle+|100\rangle)$. What is the density matrix of this state written using Pauli's spin operator?
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What does the graph of a W state look like?

Consider the blow four-qubit W state $\frac12(\left| 1000 \right>+\left| 0100 \right>+\left| 0010 \right>+\left| 0001 \right>)$ I know if we remove any qubit the rest state stay entangled. ...
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What is the minimum number of non-Clifford gates does it take to prepare a superposition over all "two-hot" basis vectors?

The generalized W state: $$W_n=\frac{1}{\sqrt{n}}(|100\cdots 0\rangle + |010\cdots 0\rangle + \ldots + |00\cdots 01\rangle)$$ is often thought of as the uniform superposition over all "one-hot&...
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How to perform the measurements on a quantum circuit in W state basis?

I need to perform the measurements on a quantum circuit in the basis $\{ \eta^\pm,\zeta^\pm \} $. Where $ \eta^\pm,\zeta^\pm $ are given as follows: $$\eta^\pm = \frac{1}{2}|001\rangle + \frac{1}{2}|...
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2 answers

Entanglement distribution of W-State over different locations

I would like to create a quantum system with the gates for a W state where each qubit is at a different location. Entanglement distribution has been proven in several research articles. I'm new to ...
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How to implement a circuit preparing the three-qubit W state?

I'm trying to implement a circuit wich prepare this three qubits state : $\frac{1}{\sqrt{3}}(|100\rangle + |010\rangle + |001\rangle)$ It seems that the three qubits W-state can produce this state, ...
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How to implement Grover's diffusion operator when starting with a W state?

In the general form of Grover's algorithm, we start with the uniform superposition of n qubits. Now, suppose instead that we start with a generic state, for example ...
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