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Questions tagged [trotterization]

For questions regarding Trotterization, concerning product formulas related to quantum simulation, Trotter errors, Trotter-Suzuki limits and their applications and implementation in quantum computers.

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Trotter error for bosons in various encodings

Mapping second-quantized bosonic modes onto qubits can be done using various encodings. Each of those have their pro et contra. Fewer qubits — more gates, and vice versa. Encoding an $N$-level bosonic ...
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Do Aharanov and Ta-Shma treat the entries of a sparse Hamiltonian as edges of a graph?

Background and history The mid-90's to early 2000's work on Hamiltonian simulation saw some pretty rapid advances. Within two years of Shor's algorithm, Lloyd outlined how Trotterization can lead to ...
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Calculating Nested Commutator using a program

The $\tilde\alpha_{\text{comm}}$ mentioned in Theory of Trotter Error paper is calculated via the nested commutators. For a Hamiltonian $H = \sum_\gamma H_\gamma$, the formula for pth order is as ...
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Applying Trotterization to a Hamiltonian for Time Evolution in Qiskit

I'm currently working on a project where I need to simulate the time evolution of a quantum system using Qiskit. The Hamiltonian of my system is given by: $$H = -J \sum_{j=1}^{N-1} (\sigma_j^x \...
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Link between AQC and QAOA

I try to understand precisely the link between AQC and QAOA, through the Trotter-Suzuki formula. A similar question is Derivation of QAOA from AQC, but I was asked by moderators to post my question ...
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How do I use 'aux_operators' in 'TrotterQRTE' time evolution problem?

I'm trying to evolve a 3 qubit system under a Pauli Sum Hamiltonian in QISKIT using the TrotterQRTE method, and observe the projection of on the singlet state at every time step. How do I program the ...
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How to Trotterize a CNOT gate?

I came across a paper that said that they Trotterized a CNOT gate into 4 blocks of CU gates where the CU gate parameters are specified. This was all done on Qiskit. How does this Trotterization ...
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Spin Hamiltonian to Quantum Circuits and are there any group theory associated with the quantum circuits?

Can we think of Quantum Circuits as another representation to describe the dynamics of a system other than its Hamiltonian? How can we go from the spin Hamiltonian version (for eg: SSH Model ...
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Trotterized time-evolution with tensorcircuit

I would like to do a Trotterized time-evolution with Tensorcircuit of a spin-Hamiltonian and started with the example
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