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A trapped ion quantum computer is one proposed approach to a large-scale quantum computer. Ions, or charged atomic particles, can be confined and suspended in free space using electromagnetic fields. (Wikipedia)

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High-weight errors from ion trap crosstalk

A basic assumption of various error correction threshold theorems is that the probability of an error exponentially decreases with the weight of the error. One of the selling features of ion traps is ...
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Simultaneous computational basis measurement

Many quantum algorithms requires measurements at the end of the processing and it seems like the quantum state measurement setup is required to be made for measuring the two computational basis. I ...
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Measurement in the Pauli X basis

A qubit in the state $|1\rangle + |0\rangle$, normalized, is time-dependent, right? So it sweeps around the equator of the Bloch sphere at a frequency proportional to the energy gap according to ...
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Raman scattering goes in all directions, so why doesn't it decohere trapped ions?

I'm trying to learn about the physics of ion traps, and my understanding is that an ion can be moved from a ground state to an excited state by stimulation with a laser pulse. More specifically, this ...
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Are there differences in how quantum error correcting codes are applied on superconducting vs. trapped ion systems?

Are there any differences in how quantum error correcting codes are currently applied on superconducting vs. trapped ion systems?
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Expanding two rotation operators

I have the following operators acting on two qubits, denoted as $(1)$ and $(2)$: $$T_1=\displaystyle\exp\left(-i\frac{\pi}{4}Z\otimes Z\right)\cdot R_z^{(1)}\left(\frac{\pi}{2}\right)\cdot R_z^{(2)}\...
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Gate SWAP vs Physical SWAP in Trapped Ions for chain reordering

In trapped ion quantum computers, especially in systems with multiple traps, you may need at some point to perform a "chain reordering", in which you change an ion's position within the ion ...
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What are the available compilers for Trapped-Ion Quantum Computing Architecture?

I am looking for a compiler to compile a high-level quantum circuit for the Trapped-Ion Quantum Computing architecture, i.e. a compiler that can translate a high-level circuit to native gates of the ...
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What are the mathematical prerequisites to study machine learning on quantum computers?

Besides machine learning, quantum info theory, optimization, and statistics knowledge, what are the prerequisites to implement existing ML techniques and create new ML techniques that would work on a ...
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Ion trap qubit Hamiltonian calculation manipulation

What is the Hamiltonian of a single ion in an ion trap? How to derive that formula? Also, how exactly can we create superposition by sending laser beams? I am interested in knowing the exact solutions ...