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Questions tagged [tensorcircuit]

TensorCircuit is a quantum circuit simulator with support for automatic differentiation, just-in-time compiling, hardware acceleration, and vectorized parallelism.

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0 votes
1 answer

Trotterized time-evolution with tensorcircuit

I would like to do a Trotterized time-evolution with Tensorcircuit of a spin-Hamiltonian and started with the example
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1 answer

TensorCircuit error mitigation

Does TensorCircuit provide built-in error mitigation methods? To see the effect of error mitigation I would like to insert noise channels in the circuit (this is given through tc.channels), then use ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Use state vector simulator with TensorCircuit

Is there a option to use instead of tensor network contraction state vector simulator for quantum circuits? This might be useful for small sized circuits, but I would still like to use TensorCircuit s....
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2 answers

Plot circuit within TensorCircuit

Given an arbitrary TensorCircuit, is there a convient way to get a plot of the circuit?
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