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Questions tagged [tensor-networks]

A tensor network is simply a countable collection of tensors connected by contractions. ‘Tensor network methods’ is the term given to the entire collection of associated tools, which are regularly employed in modern quantum information science, condensed matter physics, mathematics and computer science. (arXiv:1708.00006)

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How can blackholes be fast information scramblers?

I noticed that there was already a post discussing the fast scrambling property of black holes. But it seems no satisfactory answer was given. As mentioned by L. Susskind et. al, the fast scrambling ...
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Injective Matrix Product State

I am going through a review on Tensor Networks and came across these statements: . This was a bit quick for me. I understand an injective MPS as one in which viewing $A$ as a map from auxiliary space ...
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Clock matrix vs matrix clock

In the process of research leading up to my previous question, I found out about matrix, vector & logical clocks. The citation in the aforementioned question mentions clock and shift matrices. ...
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How can I increase number of qubits by increasing RAM/GPU?

I am using Qiskit, where if I go beyond 32 qubits, the output does not get counted. The code is not supported by the stabilizer back-end. I want to use up to 100+ qubits for my task. I got RAM 42 GB ...
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Exact expectation value of a quantum circuit simulated with the matrix product state method in qiskit

If I use the matrix product state method in Qiskit to simulate quantum circuits, I can obtain the exepctation value of an observable by using a finite amount of shots. Is there a way to obtain the ...
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Reshaping the 4x4 CNOT gate into 2x2x2x2 in a tensor network

I'm learning how to perform tensor network contraction for simulating a quantum circuit by looking at the documentation for the JET simulator: link. Specifically, I'm trying to do all the calculations ...
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Paper concerning distributing quantum computation on many small quantum computers

I remember reading a paper that described how a quantum circuit on a large amount of qubits can be simulated by doing many runs on a smaller quantum computer. They used techniques from tensor networks....
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Trotterized time-evolution with tensorcircuit

I would like to do a Trotterized time-evolution with Tensorcircuit of a spin-Hamiltonian and started with the example
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Tensor network to simulate a specific final entry state

A tensor network can be used to simulate a quantum circuit, especially when we only want the probability of a specific entry (Ex: $|0110\rangle$) but not the full probability of all $2^n$ entries. Can ...
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Folded MPS state with Mid-circuit measurement

Among some documents I found to make a MPS state on quantum circuit, I can make it with stepped arrangement of unitary operators. ...
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Specify bond dimension in tensor network simulation of quantum circuit (python)

I'm looking for a Python library that can help me simulating quantum circuit using Tensor Networks. In particular I would like to write a quantum circuit using the constiuent quantum gates and then ...
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